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Mahle 455 80018 00 NTF-515 Nitrogen Tire Filling System

SKU: RTI 455 80018 00 NTF-515 Nitrogen Tire Filling System
Brand: Mahle
NitroPRO® Nitrogen Tire Filling Systems Nitrogen tire filling: Improves fuel mileage and increases tire performance for your customers. Increases your bottom line. More details...
Price: $7,551.42
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Mahle 455 80018 00 NTF-515 Nitrogen Tire Filling System
Mahle 455 80018 00 NTF-515 Nitrogen Tire Filling System
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Product Details

Studies of nitrogen tire filling show that car owners can

improve gas mileage by up to 10% and extend tire life by

as much as 25%! Tire filling with 95% minimum purity

nitrogen helps keep tires at optimum inflation levels, which

in turn delivers fuel savings and improved tread wear

compared to under inflated tires. And properly inflated tires

improve safety and handling as well. Nitrogen tire filling is

one of the fastest growing segments in the auto service

industry as more car owners seek ways to save money and

improve gas mileage. Mahle pioneered portable Nitrogen

tire filling equipment with its introduction of NitroPRO


machines known throughout the industry for superb quality

and superior performance. Now NitroPRO

® equipment is

available with more features than ever before!

Easy, Convenient & Profitable


® nitrogen production and delivery systems generate

on-demand nitrogen using shop air and feature an on-board

storage reservoir, triple filtration system for system purity

and membrane longevity and automatic shutoff for less air

compressor on-time.

Fast Service Speed

All NitroPRO

® nitrogen generation stations feature a unique

single tire inflation/deflation process to quickly exhaust air

and moisture from the tire and fill with nitrogen. Multi-tire


® generators utilize an exclusive algorithm for the

tire deflation/inflation process.

Easy N2 Service Validation

Every NitroPRO

® unit comes standard with a NitroPRO

hand-held nitrogen purity tester to provide a quick

and accurate nitrogen purity assessment for tires

or reservoir. It is very convenient to use,

very accurate and is highly reliable.

NitroPRO Membrane Technology

Mahleís NitroPRO

® membrane performs consistently over a

wide temperature range and will not deteriorate in cool

garage environments. All NitroPRO

® polymer membranes

are fully aged and stabilized before factory shipment to

maximize and maintain NitroPRO

®ís high nitrogen purity

and generation performance for many years to come.


® is a large-bore membrane. That means the

membrane fiber is less susceptible to contamination.

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