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Mahle MCX Multi-Coolant Exchanger

SKU: 470-80008 00 RTI MCX Multi-Coolant Exchanger
Brand: Mahle
One machine for the quickest, most complete exchange—for any type of antifreeze!

• MCX System Multiple Coolant Exchange (MCX) System for simple, rapid switching of one coolant type to another. Quick switching from traditional green antifreeze to Dex-Cool™ or others. The first machine to address modern coolant service needs! Comes standard with one 15 gallon waste tank and two 7.5 gallon fill tanks for two different antifreeze types. Additional tanks are available at a low cost.
• Extra Pumping Power Exchanges coolant in most vehicles in 1 to 3 minutes! The fastest service times in the industry!
• Superior Exchange Efficiency “Engine Off” operation, reverse flushing and extra pumping power provide the most complete coolant exchange. 92-98% singlepass average exchange: the industry’s best! Removes contamination and paMahleculates efficiently on a hot or cold vehicle from the engine block, water core, water pump, hoses and radiator.
• Easy Operation Simple controls and quick coupler connection system make operation extremely fast, clean and easy. Simple connection to upper radiator hose with universal step adapters. Absolutely no hose cutting.
• Coolant Handling ExpeMahlese Mahle’s global company supplies the equipment that fills new vehicles with coolant and other fluids in some of the most advanced automotive assembly plants around the world. Use our experience to speed your coolant service and increase your profits!
• Lifetime Product Support Full product testing before shipment, lifetime toll-free technical assistance, a comprehensive one year warranty and 200+ service centers maximize your productivity and minimize your operation costs.
Four Models: MCX-1, MCX-2, MCX-2F and MCX-2HD Identical except that the MCX-2 adds the features of system pressure test and “hot car” radiator cap pressure relief. MCX-2F adds Flush By-Pass Loop and Flow Indication to MCX-2. MCX-2HD is MCX-2 for heavy-duty trucks.

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Mahle MCX Multi-Coolant Exchanger
Mahle MCX Multi-Coolant Exchanger
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Product Details
Electrical 12 VDC - 15 Amp
Dimensions 45 in x 38 in x 22.5 in
(114 cm x 97 cm x 57 cm) (H x W x D)
Weight 121 lb (55 kg)
Operating Range 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
Hoses 3/8 in (9.5 mm); quick connect/disconnect
(brass; chrome sleeve; silicone sealed)
Step Adapters Universal; 2 sets; 1-1/4 in to 1-3/4 in range
(3.2 cm to 4.4 cm) diameter (MCX-2HD
contains additional step adapters)
Adapter Hoses Universal; 2 hoses, 1-1/4 in to 1-3/8 in
(3.2 cm to 3.5 cm) and 1-1/2 in to 1-3/4 in
(3.8 cm to 4.4 cm) diameter (MCX-2HD
contains additional adapter hoses)
Fill Pump Diaphragm Type: 2 gal (7.9 liter) per minute
Drain Pump Impeller Type: 2 gal (7.9 liter) per minute
Pressure Switch 6 to 12 psi (0.4 to 0.8 bar); protects vehicle
cooling systems from high pressure
New Coolant Tank (2) 7.5 gal (28 liter); integrated output tube with
debris filter screen and check valve;
MCX-2HD contains two 15 gal (57 liter) tanks
Waste Coolant Tank 15 gal (57 liter); integrated input/output tube
Process Time Less than 3 minutes average full exchange
Coolant Exchange 92 to 98% single pass, average exchange for
most vehicles
Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labor

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