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Mahle 460 80315 00 RHS 980-R134a A/C service machine

SKU: RTI 460 80315 00 RHS 980-R134a A/C service machine
Brand: Mahle
Mahle’s revolutionary approach in designing and building a new automotive A/C service machine is now available! The ArcticPRO™ RHS®980 fully complies with the new SAE J2788 standard and establishes a new productivity benchmark for all A/C refrigerant handling machines. In the Mahle tradition of building the most robust, dependable and user friendly service machines, the new ArcticPRO™ RHS®980 really leaves the competition in the dust! More details...
Price: $3,916.59
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Mahle 460 80315 00 RHS 980-R134a A/C service machine
Mahle 460 80315 00 RHS 980-R134a A/C service machine
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Product Details

Easiest to Use

• Control panel mounted on a revolving turret—the

turret rotates 90 degrees in either direction for

unrestricted viewing capability—this eliminates

machine repositioning for the technician.

• Intuitively easy-to-use function input and display—

– Extra large character (4 x 20) LCD display.

– Intuitive plain language prompts.

– Language capability pre-programmed with

English, Spanish, French, German. Other foreign

languages can be accommodated.

– EZ-Select menu-driven programming inputs.

– Conveniently reached keypad with tactile button

panel controls.

• Easy-to-read large face, 4 in. diameter High and

Low pressure gauges.

• Extra-large tool storage tray and two conveniently

placed oil bottle storage/cupholder pockets.

• Readily accessible large document storage pocket.

• Ergonomic mobility handle—perfect for hose storage.

• Low rolling resistance, cushioned, non-inflatable

rear wheel/tire assemblies—no-maintenance,

provides easy machine handling.

Superior Productivity


® compatible—boosts workshop

productivity by remotely signaling the technician

when Mahle equipment completes automated service

operations. See page 2 for TechALERT

® information.

• Charge capacities data base module available;

supplied by MOTOR Information Systems and

contains system capacity information on 1994 year

and newer models. Technicians can easily

determine and upload correct refrigerant and oil

charge capacities.

• Dual stage, 7.0 CFM vacuum pump, large industrialduty

cooling fan, integrated oil change function

accelerate operation cycle time.

• Heavy-duty compressor with true single-pass

filtration technology—provides maximum system


Logical Functionality

• Fully automatic sequence

programmability—instruct the unit to

recover, recycle, vacuum, leak test and

charge and then go do something

else. If equipped, TechALERT

® notifies

you when your service is complete or

requires attention. See page 2 and 3

for TechALERT

® information.

• System vacuum level evaluation

occurs after refrigeration

evacuation cycle to identify

possible leaks in automobile


• 30 lb. refrigerant recovery

cylinder mounted inside cabinet

to minimize load cell


• Refrigerant charge either High

side or Low side depending upon

technician’s preference.

• Monitors new refrigerant use,

notifies technician when additional

refrigerant is required.

• Filter-life monitor provides preventive maintenance

alarm when filter servicing is required.

• Automatic air purge eliminates harmful air from auto

A/C system.

• Automatic oil recovery and integrated oil charge

bottles are located outside of cabinet for quick

reference and easy access.

Superb Accuracy

• Recovers 95% of auto refrigerant with 30 minutes—

minimizes refrigerant loss, saves money.

• Recharge accuracy is +/– 1/2 ounce—saves money,

eliminates call-backs.

• Load cell technology—measures recovered and

charged refrigerant, exceptionally accurate.

• Oil injection system provides less than 1% cross


Advanced Serviceability

• Complete cover assembly quickly removed for

unobstructed internal machine access.

• Unique 2-piece

patent-pending KWIK-CHANGE

“block” manifold assembly—rapid removal and

replacement to remedy most fluid path service


• All internal components positioned for wide open

service accessibility.

• Replaceable in-line hose screens—exterior

accessed for simplified replacement.

• Lift out document storage pocket exposes refrigerant

filter for easy access.

• External mounted oil recovery and oil charge

bottles—no need to open or remove equipment


• New refrigerant cylinder mounting - easy external

access, no cover to open or remove for access.

Proven Reliability

• Best out-of-box reliability—highest quality,

historically proven components are specified:

compressor, solenoids, circuit board, switches,

wiring, filters, load cells, etc.

• Electronically controlled pressure regulation protects

compressor and other critical components.

• Pre-assembled, 100% pre-tested



“block” manifold assembly

eliminates defects before final unit assembly—

virtually eliminates all potential leak points.

• One-piece, through color molded cover provides

dent, corrosion, scratch resistance.

• All equipment is functionally tested before shipment

from the Mahle factory.

• Field proven reliability—Mahle A/C service machines

are specified by the world’s largest service chains,

also by tens of thousands of satisfied customers,


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